The spicy beverage is only sold online and drops 8/31, and Flamin’ Hot swag swag will drop September 4th.

Frito Lay’s strategy to inject their flavors into every facet of our food-based lives continues.

  • Mountain Dew + Cadburry for an Easter Dew
  • A Mountain Dew rotating TikTok collection of flavors capitalizing on the latest cooking craze (Baked feta is a fine start.)
  • Mountain Dew, Pepsi, 7Up, Brisk and Diet Pepsi all in one bottle like that cool kid in high school who put everything together in one Big Gulp cup to assert his dominance
Full announcement here

Pinterest introduces first-of-its-kind hair pattern search for inclusive beauty results.

Full announcement here

Snap Introduces New ‘Snapchat Trends’ Tool

Snapchat Trends’ main page



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