Strategy Roundup | 6.4.2021

Ellen Dollard

Happy First Summer Friday! Hang with your quran-team, maybe rethink buying that NFT, and dive into color theory with your weekly Strategy Roundup.

We Want Our Friends Back (But Which Ones?)

“Wall Street types often talk about a ‘flight to quality,’ the tendency of investors to abandon riskier, less established stocks for blue chips during a crisis. The same might be said about friendships during the pandemic.”

We all created our small social circles when the pandemic started — our pandemic pods, COVID crews, and quran-teams. But now, as we approach the ending will we return to our full groups again, like it was just a pandemic pause? Or, have we radically changed how we evaluate our social circles & time. Will people feel inclined to rush back to normal or will we prefer the curated connections we’ve kept close? Our approach to our social circles is just one of the things we may bring forward with us even after the pandemic comes to an end. Are there ways brands can honor the bond between pandemic pods or celebrate ways for COVID crews to go out and experience the world together? How do we invite new interactions without overwhelming the tight-knit circles we’ve developed?

Food for thought: How might a possible trend toward smaller social circles manifest on social media platforms?

Celebrate Pride Month with Fast Company’s Queer 50

As part of Pride Month, Fast Company released their second annual list of LGBTQ women and nonbinary innovators in business and tech. Highly recommend spending some time learning their names, reading their stories, and celebrating the incredible impact they’ve had across industries.

The Secret Psychology of Sneaker Colors

“Between 70 percent to 90 percent of subconscious judgment on a product is made in a few seconds on color alone”

From New Balances shades of grey to Nike’s Volt — which by design is the first color our optical receptors read, thanks to evolution & poisonous animals — sneaker brands use color theory in a very methodical and purposeful way. Everything is considered from the first seconds when someone sees the shoe to what it looks like on your Instagram feed when your phone is on low-battery mode.

NFTs Are Crashing and Who Could Have Seen This Coming Other Than Basically Anyone?

The NFT bubble has popped. In the past week, NFT sales dropped 90% from the peak at $170 million in transactions. Whether or not it rebounds is unknown, leaving many questioning if internet collectibles are a good use of money (something most of us have been asking this entire time). So don’t let go of your Pokémon cards & Beanie Babies just yet.

Take a Snack Break with the “Live From Snack Time!” IG Account

For a short week, it definitely felt like a long week. So if anyone needs a quick snack break before heading out on our first Summer Friday, take a scroll through the Live From Snack Time Instagram Page. Adorableness awaits.

Watching: Handmaid’s Tale — the new season

Reading: Strategy is Your Words by Mark Pollard

Listening: Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel

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