Strategy Roundup | 3.8.2021

Ellen Dollard

Jay-Z is Challenging the Hypocrisies of Weed Legalization

The outdoor ads call out laws that ban cannabis-related activities yet don’t restrict behaviors many would likely consider questionable or wrong — like bestiality, cannibalism, or first-cousin marriage. The bold statements sit against a backdrop of striking, black-and-white portraits of eight individuals who have been charged for cannabis-related offenses.

Another Audio Based App

Cappuccino is yet another audio app on the rise which allows you to create podcasts with your close friends and family. Everything is private by design and focused on groups of real-life friends — you aren’t trying to get more followers and you don’t share posts publicly. While Clubhouse is dominating conversation right now, Cappuccino’s co-founder believes there’s enough room for multiple audio apps citing YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch as examples of different formats of video apps and noting that audio is the next frontier.

The Launch of TOGETHXR — The Female Athlete Founded Media Company

Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Simone Manuel, and Chloe Kim teamed up to create TOGETHXR, a media & commerce company designed to elevate women’s voices. In the fast-growing world of athlete-founded media companies, including UNINTERRUPTED (LeBron James) and Thirty Five Ventures (Kevin Durant), TOGETHXR is the first female-founded company. The goal is to move the game of female athletetes forward and speak to the idea of young women as “multi-hyphenates.” — not only are they incredible athletes but they’re moms, activists, business people, and scholars.

Bringing Old Photos to Life

A new AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia can take photos from any camera and bring them to “life.” By using pre-recorded videos of facial movements it allows you to upload photos of deceased loved ones and see them in “action” — kind of like iOS Live Photos. And naturally, it took over Twitter with users bringing folks like Alexander the Great and Frederick Douglas to life.

It’s a smart tactic by to trigger new account signups and blend their positioning with the perfect kind of sticky content brands love to host



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