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This week was colored with historical brushstrokes signaling a new day on the foundation of hope. Inauguration Day stole the show for more reasons than one. Sheroes, heroes and longboards bring us all well-deserved joy and tranquility.

This Week:

Call it an elephant in the room–or an elephant out of the room (or house, for that matter [thanks, Thomas Nast])–, Inauguration Day 2021 won’t be easily forgotten. Two and a half weeks ago, a multitudinous assemblage of insurrectionists (white supremacist terrorists) marched on the United States Capitol in an attempted coup. (See Appendix for official FBI poster. You can also follow this link to the FBI’s most wanted page)

It was at this Capitol building that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took their oaths and were sworn in as president and vice president of the United States of America. This may or may not be the first time in American history that a POTUS was sworn into office at an active crime scene. Overall, despite heightened security concerns and amplified safety protocols, it proved to be an unforgettable day. This particular transition of power certainly speaks for itself but there are a few unsung sheroes and heroes that showed up, and showed out. We recognize them unapologetically.

Queen Slayage at the Capitol

For starters, it’s former FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here; I lean on the words of Arit John: “A former first lady arriving at an inauguration shouldn’t be a show-stopping moment, but these are unusual times.” It’s still not clear whether she came to save lives or take them, but she certainly took our breath away and truth be told, she can keep it. Dressed head to toe in plum and burgundy, Mrs. Obama continued “her long tradition of championing emerging labels and young Black designers.” This entire ensemble was designed by Los Angeles based luxury women’s label Sergio Hudson.

Madame Vice President Kamala Harris notably brought fashion and purpose to the forefront through her Inauguration Day outfit choice as well. She too chose to give an opportunity to not one but two black designers–Sergio Hudson, as well as Christopher John Rogers. Alyssa Bailey and Justine Carreon describe why these decisions are significant:

“Her choice to support two young Black American designers is significant, ushering in a wave of independent fashion designers into the White House, something lacking during the previous term. Even the color purple is important … it’s red and blue combined, symbolizing the unity of our two [Republican and Democrat] parties … The assumption that fashion is frivolous is not only outdated, misguided, and misogynistic, but entirely untrue. The power heralded by politicians with their outfits has been seen countless times in history … Fashion can be a vehicle, promoting hope, grace, and support for the nation.”

The Hill We Climb. All of Us.

Another sheroe from Inauguration Day is none other than 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman. She took the podium at the Capitol on Wednesday to read her inaugural poem for the country “The Hill We Climb.” She’s not only an astute scholar, writer and poet. Amanda is also the youngest poet to perform a reading at a Presidential Inauguration.

Coupled with a distinct poise and grace, her words discharged the restorative properties that can only come from hope. Center stage on the beautifully constructed inaugural platform is where Gorman marked with her words the intersection of gravitas and brevity; speaking in depth about the challenges that we face as a nation, the struggle we engage as we face those challenges, the beauty of our scars and the magical outcomes we realize as a result bound together only by the thread of unity and light. Wordsmith. Change-maker. Queen. Sheroe. The text of her full poem can be found here.

Eugene Goodman is the Hero Your Children Should Know

Jonathan Ernst/Pool/Getty Images

Due to his quick and decisive actions during the riot at the Capitol on January 6, Officer Euguene Goodman saved the lives of many. Former NYPD detective Kirk Burkhalter describes the key course of actions by Goodman as “incredible situational awareness.” His heroic effort has meritoriously earned him a promotion to the honorable position of acting deputy sergeant at arms for the United States Senate. He is also pegged as a deserving candidate for not one but two the highest of civilian awards in the United States–the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dressed sharp as a tack, Officer Goodman escorted then Vice President Kamala Harris to the inauguration ceremony and upon his arrival was given a hero’s welcome.

Burlington’s Proudest Meme(s)

Perhaps the most inadvertent form of entertainment resulting from the high alert socially distanced inauguration ceremony is none other than the slew of memes that now call the world wide web ‘home.’ A fan favorite, of course, is none other than Cold Bernie.

Mitchell Clark has done us all the courtesy of compiling some of Twitter’s best Cold Bernie memes thus far via The Verge. The woman behind the stylish mittens that Senator Sanders was sporting on Inauguration Day is Essex Junction school teacher, Jen Ellis. To the dismay of many memers, she is completely sold out!

Ocean Spray Unites Us. So Does 70s Soft Rock.

Is there a better way to bring a divided nation together than some Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Fleetwood Mac and Nathan Apodaca on his longboard? Doubtful, but if there is, it’s not better by much. Check out this boarding segment from the Biden Inaugural Committee, and let the timeless Stevie Nicks vocals sink in.


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Reading: ‘A Promised Land’ by Barack Obama

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FBI Most Wanted Poster of White Supremacist

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