Jourdan B. Gooden

It’s July already? No, it’s halfway through July already?

Twitter Is Shutting Down Fleets on August 3, Citing Low Usage

Fleets were fleeting.

“Twitter has confirmed that Fleets — its own take on ephemeral Stories that it launched into general availability just nine months ago — is shutting down on August 3.”

If you’re a marketer who for some reason didn’t have that ball of cringe in your stomach when Twitter first announced that they were testing this ephemeral Stories feature and for some reason decided to incorporate Fleets as a part of any plan or strategy…

The Hill: Burger King Declares War on Chick-fil-A over LGBTQ Rights

This Pride month, a new chicken war is brewing between Burger King and Chick-fil-A. Burger King is donating 40 cents for every sale of its new chicken sandwich, Ch’King, to the Human Rights Campaign, a dig at Chick-fil-A, who has a notorious anti-LGBTQ+ reputation.

‘This is a community we love dearly and have proudly supported over the years, so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to take action and help shine a light on the important conversation happening,’ a Burger King spokesperson told USA TODAY via an email. …

Ellen Dollard

Happy First Summer Friday! Hang with your quran-team, maybe rethink buying that NFT, and dive into color theory with your weekly Strategy Roundup.

We Want Our Friends Back (But Which Ones?)

“Wall Street types often talk about a ‘flight to quality,’ the tendency of investors to abandon riskier, less established stocks for blue chips during a crisis. The same might be said about friendships during the pandemic.”

We all created our small social circles when the pandemic started — our pandemic pods, COVID crews, and quran-teams. But now, as we approach the ending will we return to our…

Jourdan B. Gooden

You’re putting the final touches on prep for your almost post-pandemic hot girl/hot boy summer. The sun’s out and come Monday, those (hamburger) buns better be out! I want you to crack open that hard seltzer. Go ahead and pour that wine glass past half full! Btw, I’m still accepting invitations to the Memorial Day BBQ!

One Year Since George Floyd’s Death

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Since May 25th, 2020 when he was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, George has become an iconic symbol in the fight for…

Strategy Hot Takes

Date: 4.23.21

The New Yorker: TikTok and the Vibes Revival

“Vibe” is a placeholder for an abstract quality that you can’t pin down — an ambience. It’s the reason that you like or dislike something or someone (good vibes vs. bad). It’s an intuition with no obvious explanation (“just a vibe I get”). In the social-media era, though, “vibe” has come to mean something more like a moment of audiovisual eloquence, a “sympathetic resonance” between a person and her environment. It’s a concise assemblage of image, sound, and movement.

Social media used to be focused on personality and narrative — the more…

Ashley Shuey

How many articles have you read that kick off by stating the obvious: “COVID-19 disrupted our “normal” in a big way both personally and professionally.”

Sure, that’s true, but I decided to explore how the pandemic pushed brands to be better, bolder, and more agile. How COVID-19 acted as an accelerant for brands to illuminate issues, reprioritize their offerings and adapt to the “new” normal.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite at-home cycling machine, Peloton.

Remember just a year ago, when Peloton was on its way to being canceled after criticism arose from their “dystopian & sexist” 30-second holiday…

Ellen Dollard

This week, find us pursuing passion projects, trying to save the Earth one house plant at a time & daydreaming about the next getaway.

Welcome to the YOLO Economy

“Something strange is happening to the exhausted, type-A millennial workers of America”

After a year’s worth of life lived on the laptop, a growing number of people are giving in to a new kind of professional fearlessness — leaving their stable climb of the career ladder to pursue passion projects, side-hustles, career changes. With shifted priorities stemming from the pandemic, more 40% of workers globally were considering leaving their jobs this year (Microsoft Survey)…

Jourdan B. Gooden

On this April Friday, this refreshing Spring weather calls for a tall glass of the good stuff. Why not make it a Gin and Tonic? Why not make it a double? Why not make it Bombay Sapphire? Come on! And if it’s date night, and the conversation grows stale, how about a spicy twitter thread to pass the time?

West Elm Video Conference Backgrounds

For roughly a year now at Allen & Gerritsen, we’ve been working from home. Apart from a bedroom office that never seems to get enough natural lighting, my ceaseless desire to be able…

Kris W.

This week let’s take a look at three brands who are putting their beliefs into action!

You’ve probably heard about brand convictions/brand promises that serve as the internal north star that drives a brand’s existence. Brand actions are the proof in the pudding, the steps a brand takes to keep true to their promise in real, tangible ways.

Volvo has always acted in the name of safety; now they’re elevating sustainability as the #1 safety concern.

Sustainability is just as important to Volvo as their legendary safety. In this new global campaign, they posit that sustainability is the ultimate safety test.

Volvo has big plans to become a climate neutral company by 2040, including transitioning to…

Lyndsey Fox

Try as I might, I can’t find any indication that “We Didn’t Start the Fire” has had a resurgence in listeners, though I can’t seem to shake Joel’s gritty, earth shattering “Trouble in the Suez” from my consciousness. Alas, it seems like John Berman and I are the only ones who have found one of The Piano Man’s least beloved songs a salve for the troubles of 2021.

Speaking of salve, Tide is on a mission to be a salvation to the environment with their new initiative asking folks to stop doing their laundry with hot water. #Turntocold…

Allen & Gerritsen

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